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Madison Layle
Madison grew up on a farm. No kidding. She did...complete with cattle, chickens, a passel of kids, and rows of vegetables. So, when she wasn't dodging siblings, feeding animals, or pulling weeds, she was hiding away in her bedroom with a book.

With maturity came love and marriage, and a real understanding of why her parents kept their bedroom door locked. *wink*

Now, she’s turned a love of books into a sensual journey through the steamy world of erotic romance. Or is that romantic erotica? Well, one thing's for certain, the heroes and heroines have a great time as they fall in love.
Diary of Dreams
Madison Layle
 A reclusive writer’s neighbor has a knack for knowing her darkest fantasies.
Incognito: Owning Rachel
Madison Layle
Two men, one woman’s submission, and a blindfold. Mmm, the possibilities!
Seducing Olivia
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton
Two men, one woman, and a seductive love to last a lifetime.
Incognito: Winning Angela
Madison Layle
& Anna Leigh Keaton
Two men, like oil and water—one woman who loves them both.
Return to Me
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
A parapsychologist and a ghost’s undying love. 
Healing Heather - Cover Art
Incognito: Healing Heather
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

A dominate detective wants to help heal an abused, submissive widow’s heart. 

Incognito: Collaring Kat
Madison Layle
& Anna Leigh Keaton

Passions and tempers flare when Master meets Mistress with temptation’s first kiss.

Incognito: Charming Carmen
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

Will one weekend together be enough to satisfy either of them?

Incognito: Desiring Dixie
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

She's everything he desires. He's not who she believes him to be.

Conquering Connie
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

Pleasure, pain, and love go hand-in-hand-in-hand when three lonely souls find each other.

Incognito: Volume One
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

Two women find the courage to accept the love and freedom in submission.

Pursuing Penelope
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

They gave her the love and tender dominance that will set her free.

Seduction's Bite
Madison Layle

She will either kill him or succumb to the seduction of his bite.

Rajan's Hope
Madison Layle

To be free he must fulfill her ever desire.

Madison Layle

Entranced...where fear fades and sensual mastery begins.

Til Death We Do Part
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

His wife, his best friend. The fine line between love and honor.

Incognito 12:
Arresting Victoria
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

They finally find each other again, but now it’s life or death.

Incognito:  Stroke of Midnight
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

Crowded nightclub. New Year's Eve. He pleasure her 'til the Stroke of Midnight.

The Dungeon Masters
Madison Layle

Two Masters turn her sensual fantasies into a very real erotic night.

The Pirate Masters
Madison Layle

Pirates turn a taboo tryst with the boss into an erotic night Dana won't forget.

Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

He binds her body. She binds his heart. Learn what really happened at the ball.

Midnight Moon
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

He’s determined to discover her secrets…no matter what it takes.

Midnight Mine
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

She wants independence. He wants her heart. Both are threatened by a poisonous blend of family interference.

Midnight Deal
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

The youngest Princeton returns to Everland but never expected to fall for a farmer’s daughter.

The Wolfman
Madison Layle

A sexy, naked wolfman brings Penny's wilder fantasies to life.

Incognito: Sinful
Madison Layle

The Sinclair brothers reclaim their wife in an exciting, sinful way.

Primal Passions
Madison Layle
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