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Incognito 2: Owning Rachel
by Madison Layle
ISBN: 1-60088-047-0

As a professional sex therapist, Jonathon Sinclair has heard it all. As a master of sexual domination like his brother, Jackson, he’s done even more. Incognito. He’s never allowed his two lives to cross. Never wanted them to, until he listens to Rachel Morrissey relive her “orgasmic nightmares” that have turned her into an insomniac. 

Rachel put her private life on hold to become a successful prosecuting attorney and a representative of female independence. Plagued by erotic dreams of submission that leave her confidence shaken, she’ll do anything to make them stop. Even if that means living out the dreams.

Read an Excerpt
Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Novel
Genre: BDSM
About the Author
"Owning Rachel is the second installment in the Incognito series and readers will once again find themselves fanning themselves one moment and sighing the next. ...Madison Layle crafted a story that truly blew this reader away. ...There were moments that I needed a tall glass of water and some moments where I was left feeling as if tears could fall at any moment. All I can say is WOW, Madison Layle has done it again. Readers grab this story, read it cover to cover without stopping, and store it in a very safe place for every cold winter night you need to be warmed up."

5 Angels & Recommended Read!- Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Not only was Owning Rachel naughty, it awakened my submissive soul and I found myself perched on the edge of my seat. When Rachel winced, I winced, and when she cried, I cried. That is how much this book affected me. ...Owning Rachel was erotic and highly intoxicating. I love when books make me feel the emotions of the characters and Owning Rachel did this and more. I highly and Joyfully recommend Owning Rachel. Congrats Ms. Layle for a story well told!
Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

"Incognito: Owning Rachel is one tremendously arousing book, and few readers will get through to the ending without a bucket of ice and a quantity of toys or a very willing partner close at hand. Madison Layle definitely knows her characters, male and female, and knows the lifestyle of which she writes, because not one aspect rings untrue. This is definitely a book to sizzle the reader but it could also serve as a fine and steady introduction to the world of BDSM in a manner that will entice many readers."

5 Lips- Frost, TwoLips Reviews

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