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Incognito: Owning Rachel
Madison Layle
Two men, one woman’s submission, and a blindfold. Mmm, the possibilities!
Incognito: Seducing Olivia
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton
Two men, one woman, and a seductive love to last a lifetime.
Incognito: Winning Angela
Madison Layle
& Anna Leigh Keaton
Two men, like oil and water—one woman who loves them both.

Tempting Sin
AJ Hampton

Is one woman's love worth an eternity of darkness?

Pursuing Penelope
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

They gave her the love and tender dominance that will set her free.

Isosceles Triangle
Summer Alan

Man, woman, and machine ... will his cyborg clone bridge the gap between them?

Conquering Connie
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

Pleasure, pain, and love go hand-in-hand-in-hand when three lonely souls find each other.
Til Death We Do Part
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

His wife, his best friend. The fine line between love and honor.

We Can Move You
Summer Alan

Two gorgeous moving men move more than cardboard boxes.

Anom'tan 4:
Walking Death's Edge
L. Shannon

The edge of death has never been this tempting, or dangerous.

The Knight
Anna Leigh Keaton

The Pleasure Club gives Gwen her Camelot and happily ever after—for the evening.

The Vampire Oracle:
Circle of Life
Deanna Lee

Two men, one woman, and the choices that bring their lives and love full circle.

Comrades in Arms
Jackie Barbosa

Two men, one woman, and a passion that breaks all the rules

Purr For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

Taking a mate has never been this dangerous or so pleasurable.

Piers Anthony

He'll do anything to please the Queen of Hearts

Four Percent
Morgan Sierra

Two men. One woman. An anniversary of life. The celebration begins.

Arctic Heat 2: Ice Red
Kris Eton

Dominating shifters reveal Kerry's shocking secret.

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor
P. Andrews

Two heroes. One villain. All night long.

Hunk of Coal
Cassandra Moore

This year, Christa couldn't be happier to be on the "Naughty List".

The Dungeon Masters
Madison Layle

Two Masters turn her sensual fantasies into a very real erotic night.

Morgan Sierra

Will they be able to let him go after the tryst of their fantasies?

Arctic Heat 1: Ice Black
Kris Eton
He'll bring out the animal in her... with the help of a few friends.

Shared Legacy
Mary Davenport

Can two men and a night of unbridled passion give her what she desires most?

Woodland Magic: Mated
Anna Leigh Keaton

Two fae males made her whole…now she needs magic to be their mate.

Cry For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

His first kiss will make her cry surrender.

Catherine Bybee

Are they destined to be lovers lost in time? Or lovers for all time?

Howl For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

Her single night of passion with three men will rock her world.

The Pirate Masters
Madison Layle

Pirates turn a taboo tryst with the boss into an erotic night Dana won't forget.

Triple Thrill
Anna Leigh Keaton

His wife allowed him his darkest fantasy—he hadn’t guessed it would be hers too.

The One For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

For every harbinger of death there is a perfect woman.

Inferno: Double Dare
Anna Leigh Keaton
Two men who hold the key to her darkest desires.

Snow Storm
Emily Moreton

Two men, one woman, a snowstorm and a mini-bar...
what could go wrong?

Banana Beach
Summer Alan

The one time she'd ever let herself imagine her wildest fantasy could be her last.

The Man Next Door
Vanessa Devereaux

Good things happen in threes and bad girls have the most fun.

Dragon's Lair
Seraphina Donavan

Pure innocence and pure carnality collide in the Big Easy.

The Outlaws
Anna Leigh Keaton

Three cowboys, and a night she’ll never forget.

Katie's Choice
Rachel Clark

Two men, one woman. A difficult choice. Will Katie manage to rebuild her life?

Briony's Soldiers
Diana Bold

The only thing better than one sexy soldier, is two!

The Park Rangers
Eve Knight

Trouble finds Julie. Her rescuers? Two rangers who might look the other way...if she cooperates.

Charlotte's Brides: Sophie
Sable Grey

The pleasure of women is his business but one taste of his new assistant will leave him breathless.

Nicole's Secret Santa
Vanessa Devereaux

Being a good employee can pay off and Nicole is about to have a very Merry Christmas.

Captive Space
Belladonna Bordeaux

Two men will master her body, mind and soul.

Safe Harbor
Belladonna Bordeaux & Ashley Blade

They'll turn up the heat and cross all of her boundaries to save everyone.

Incognito: Sinful
Madison Layle

The Sinclair brothers reclaim their wife in an exciting, sinful way.

Ashley Blade &
Belladonna Bordeaux

He'll do whatever it takes to make her submit.
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