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In the Cards™ 

The Vampire Oracle
Cover Art by Sable Grey

The Vampire Oracle: The Moon- Michelle Hasker

Key Words:
psychic abilities, vampirism

Represents the essence of the soul. It is the light in the darkness that can be seen through the cloudiest night and the beacon that leads the lost back home. When the moon card appears it is time to take a look at your situation and remember who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. This card brings clarity to whatever problems arise on the horizon.

The Vampire Oracle: Birth - Diana Bold

Key Words:
the beginning of life

Represents the unknown in an adventurous soul. Something new lies ahead. The Birth card is a fate card, something already written that you must experience in this lifetime.

The Vampire Oracle: Innocence - Lia Morgan

Key Words:
communication, metamorphosis, potential, possibilities

Just as child must develop to adult, a new vampire must develop to one that can function in society. While Innocence is bliss and untouched it also carries unkempt temper and a lacking of experience that can be devastating.

The Vampire Oracle: Life - A.L. Debran

Key Words:
judgment, journey

New opportunities lie ahead but those new doors cannot be opened until those of the past have been closed.

The Vampire Oracle: Hunger - Sophie Athens

Key Words:
craving, destiny, indulgence

Hunger is something felt by body, mind, and spirit. It is a condition in which a vampire will move heaven and earth to satisfy, thus akin to sex magic and seeking some type of fulfillment.


The Vampire Oracle: Power - Ava Rose Johnson

Key Words:
Success, change, balance, and personal evolution

Achieving greatness in who and what one is but at some cost. This is a card of travel, movement, and change in order to reach one's goals. Power is about overcoming fear and ruin.


The Vampire Oracle: Fever - Sapphire Blue

Key Words:
physical attraction, letting go

In a time of no control, a vampire must learn to follow instincts. It is easy to slip into a passionate affair but when everything else seems to be moving too quickly, an individual must fight to hold on to what is dear and let go of those things that may just complicate life.


The Vampire Oracle: Sin - Antonia Pearce

Key Words:
Emerging and Learning lessons

Learning from ruin and mistake is all part of the cycle of a vampire's life. The vampire must fall to learn to walk.


The Vampire Oracle: Sacrifice - Leila Brown

Key Words:
sacrifice, overcoming pain

In order to find happiness, a vampire must learn to give up what he thinks is most important for the thing he loves most. Without sacrifice, an individual never fully develops.


The Vampire Oracle: Love - L. Shannon

Key Words:
Finding peace, inner contentment

Love is divided into only two parts: loving one's self and loving others. True peace from war, both internal and external can only be achieved through love.


The Vampire Oracle: Harmony - MG Braden

Key Words:
sustenance, without conflict

This is a time of happiness and constancy. But like all good things, they have been worked for and could slip through the fingers if taken for granted.


The Vampire Oracle: Sunlight - Moira Reid

Key Words:
Pain, sorrow, internal conflict

This is a time of ruin of the old life. All that was known is now lost. Painful Memories and the future must collide to find resolution.


The Vampire Oracle: Ashes - Contessica Ryans

Key Words:
survival, recovery, weariness

Overcoming an external conflict can bring a flurry of emotions. These emotions can cause an internal breakdown.


The Vampire Oracle: Death - Yolanda Sfetsos

Key Words:
unexpected and unwanted change, deception

External changes are beyond an individual's control but are needed in the cycle of vampire's life. While the adjustment of a change can result in a greater appreciation for life, it does come at some cost.


The Vampire Oracle: Tomb - Rebecca Goings

Key Words:
vulnerability, fear

The Tomb card represents both freedom and imprisonment. An individual must face their darkest fears to overcome the obstacle that stands in the way of their happiness.

The Vampire Oracle: Rebirth - Lyric James

Key Words:
starting over, memory, mending relationships

This card brings with it someone from the past instrumental in starting over. The individual will see this person in a new light. There are many road blocks in the way of understanding so one must reach inside for willpower and forgiveness to overcome and find peace.


The Vampire Oracle: New Life - Cassandra Moore

Key Words:
a new psychic awareness

This card represents a renewed sense of responsibility and the willpower to follow where fate leads.

The Vampire Oracle: Wisdom - Sable Grey

Key Words:
choices, victory, success

Success and wealth is just an arm's length away but there are life changing choices at hand that stand between the individual and what he/she wants. Wisdom comes with experience and can light the way of the darkest path.

The Vampire Oracle: Circle of Life - Deanna Lee

Key Words:
Connection, self acceptance, righting wrongs.

Success and wealth is just an arm's length away but there are life changing choices at hand that stand between the individual and what he/she wants. Wisdom comes with experience and can light the way of the darkest path.
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