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Recently Released

Fan the Flames
Marie Rochelle

Temptation After Dark
Mia Petrova

Put Me In My Place
Lush Jones

The Oasis
Janette Osemwota

Midnight Desire
Mia Petrova

Option 3
Buffi BeCraft &
Belladonna Bordeaux

Ardith Bale

The Sire Bond
Belladonna Bordeaux

Uncaged Beauty
Vivian Murdoch

Midnight Lover
Mia Petrova

Still Life
Lush Jones

In Perfect Harmony
Jane Henry

Darker Things
Jo Addison

Mating Instincts
Allyson Moore

When Angels Fall
AJ Hampton

Midnight Pleasure
Mia Petrova

First Assignment
Jo Addison

After Hours
Ardith Bale

Pagoda Pines
Calista Bernier

Shadow of the Hawk
J.J. Keller

The Virgin Bride
Jane Henry

The Supplicant
Ardith Bale

The Bodyguard
Neila Carlyle

The Hamilton Men
Vanessa Devereaux

Witch Hunt
JR White

Love Addiction
April Bostic

Final Exam
Jo Addison

Final Exam
Jo Addison

RW Shannon

Midnight Surrender
Mia Petrova

The Vampire's Seduction
Vanessa Devereaux

Eros, My Love
April Bostic

Sable Grey

Eros, My Love
April Bostic

Close Encounter
Deanna Lee

Zero Gravity
Bryson Cobb

Stella's Diner
Nikki James

Love on the Edge
Kara Leigh Miller

Sex Education
Mel Moore

Brad Thompson

The Secret Fantasy Society
Vanessa Devereaux

Demon King's Desire
JL Sheppard

The Deep Woods:
Night of Stars
Jamieson Wolf

Unexpected Tempest
Kim Deigh &
Kate Valentine

Dragon's Lair:
The Summoning
Seraphina Donavan

A Man's Desiring
Ardith Bale

The Mercenary
Madison Layle

The Professor Is In
Anna Leigh Keaton

Marie Rochelle

Love on the Rocks
Kara Leigh Miller

Marie Rochelle

The Spy
Ashley Blade

Remember My Love
Brandi Broughton

Running From Ryan
Hanna Eder

If Wishes Were Shadows
A. Sangrey Black

More Than Friends
Jessica Jayne

Stranger in Town
Vanessa Devereaux

Familiar Flame
Joyce Palmer

The Deep Woods:
Night of Air
Jamieson Wolf

Chasing Moonlight
Cora Zane

Under the Sea
Deanna Lee

The Willow Bride
Bryson Cobb

Big Bad Wolves
Sable Grey

Cursed to Live Again
Ava Malino

Ghost Lover
Vanessa Devereaux

Discarded Mercy
Kim Deigh & Kate Valentine

S & M
Ardith Bale

Bad Cop, Bad Cop
Sable Grey

The Search for Adam
Gillian Ferry

The Happy Housewife
Anna Leigh Keaton

Love by Number
Kara Leigh Miller

Friends with Benefits
Vanessa Devereaux

Natasha Knight

Reckless Dreams
Joyce Palmer

Train Me
Madison Layle

The Reverse Flirt
Aubrey Leatherwood

A Dark Gift One Day
Rebecca Johnson

The Deep Woods:
Night of Leaves
Jamieson Wolf

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Jade McCall

Just For Your Pleasure:
The Rake
Vanessa Devereaux

The Dom
Ashley Blade

Red, White, & Blue
Josee Renard

Red, White, & Blue:
Anna Leigh Keaton

Red, White, & Blue
Deanna Lee

Just for Your Pleasure
The Highwayman
Vanessa Devereaux

The Rent Boy
Ardith Bale

A Wisp of Feeling
Diane Turner

Hollow Space
Belladonna Bordeaux

Aubrey Leatherwood

Cloaked in Moonlight
Sable Grey

All or Nothing
Belladonna Bordeaux

The Stranger
Ardith Bale

Marie Rochelle

Spice It Up
Anna Leigh Keaton

Always and Forever
Ashley Blade

The Ex-Lover
Vanessa Devereaux

Cry Mercy
Belladonna Bordeaux

The Last American Cowboy
Vanessa Devereaux

The Handyman
Vanessa Devereaux

First Love, Second Chance
Matilda Madison

Marie Rochelle

Ashley Blade &
Belladonna Bordeaux

Taken for a Ride
Vanessa Devereaux

A hot ride on a hot guy leads to trouble.

Jamieson Wolf

To save the world, he'll have embrace all of his magic.

Bringer of Storms
Karen Benjamin

To save him she will answer the call of a thousand year prophesy.

Wicked Angel
Evie Balos

He's going to ruin her for the rest of mankind.

Valentine Wish
Anna Leigh Keaton

Spicing up her marriage only takes sexy lingerie and a little nighttime magic.

Josee Renard

This Valentine’s Day, she’s going to get her wish – two hot men in her bed.

The Captain's Revenge
Matilda Madison

Can she keep her darkest secret in the face of his desire for vengeance?

Get Branded
Kaye Spencer

Sometimes the best prize comes in a hard-bodied romance cover model package.

Safe Harbor
Belladonna Bordeaux & Ashley Blade

They'll turn up the heat and cross all of her boundaries to save everyone.

Dragon Heat
Ella J. Phoenix

Passion ignites between two immortal enemies with centuries of mistrust standing between them.

A Fine Vintage
Jamieson Wolf

He's been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Souls Inflamed
CJ Black

Can an incubus find love in a passionate meeting with a kindred soul?

Master of the Circle
Seraphina Donavan

What would you do if no one else would ever know?

Drowning in You
AR Moler

A near death experience makes Declan take a second look at his partner.

Survival of the Fittest
Gillian Ferry
Pursued and tormented, together they have a chance of escape.

Cater to Me
Vanessa Devereaux
She had no idea how pleasurable his punishment would be.

The Christmas Soldier
Diana Bold

Passion is the best gift of all.

In From the Cold
R.W. Shannon

Daemyon could be London’s best gift this holiday.

Taken by the
Christmas Spirits
Eve Langlais

Scrooge never had it so good!

Death Takes a Holiday
Morgan Sierra

One hot night with a mysterious woman might be more then he bargained for.

The Perfect Gift
Belladonna Bordeaux

His surprises don't stop with the fact he's from another planet.

A Little Comfort & Joy
Deanna Lee
He's not about to turn down a chance at a little Christmas cheer with the town librarian.

Nicole's Secret Santa
Vanessa Devereaux

Being a good employee can pay off and Nicole is about to have a very Merry Christmas.

Wicked Christmas Eve
Eliza Gayle

A Christmas Eve escape leads to the one that got away.
Incognito: Wrapped
Anna Leigh Keaton

The best gifts come from the heart…and body.

Ghosts of Christmas Past
Jamieson Wolf

With a little holiday magic, even a ghost can find love...

Incognito: Sinful
Madison Layle

The Sinclair brothers reclaim their wife in an exciting, sinful way.

My House Boy Elf
Kimberly Hunter

Donovan and Trace are about to receive the best Christmas gift of all ~ True love.

The School Reunion
Gillian Ferry

Jane intends to give Peter the school reunion of his dreams.

Love and Torment
Allie Ritch

Will she regain control, or are they both just prisoners of passion?

Escape to Love
 Kimberly Hunter

Fleeing to Alaska, Sebastian finds more than a safe haven in a new lover's arms.

The Circle
Stella Berkley

They all want her... will she give up her freedom to save the only one she wants in return?

Untamed Kiss
Joyce Palmer

An heiress gone rogue, her former bodyguard, and one combustible attraction...

Forget Me Not
Diana Bold

What will Susannah do when Josh regains his memory?

The Fathoms Below
Deanna Lee

He'll do whatever it takes to give his wife the life that is meant for her.

Iris Dawn
Alexa Cole

Will her gifts end any chance of love with the man of her dreams?

Tempest Moon
Sable Grey

Can they resist the passion that storms their hearts or will they give into the will of his wolf?

Dragon's Lair
Seraphina Donavan

Pure innocence and pure carnality collide in the Big Easy.

Halloween Wish
Lyric James

Her fantasy. His wish. Will it be enough for forever?

Lone Wolf
Elinor Carson

Can they forge a life together even as their kind is being hunted to extinction?

The Collector
Elizabeth Morgan

His punishment is mortality. His redemption is her love.

Demon Alley
Alison Adkins

When Venice's survival instincts turn deadly, only Emrik can save her.

Dinner for Two
Deanna Lee

A chance meeting leads to a night of passion between two neighbors.

Just Breathe
Anna Leigh Keaton

Happily ever after never crossed his mind—until she came into his life.

The Wolfman
Madison Layle

A sexy, naked wolfman brings Penny's wilder fantasies to life.

Love Burns
R.W. Shannon

It's his family or his life... miracles do happen. Even for vampires.

Shaping Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Will he walk away from what his heart wants? 

Ascend Into Passion
Gillian Ferry

Sucked into a world of horror, Zach and Sam must fight for survival.

Angie West

Is he her soul mate? Or just after her soul?

Secrets Kept
Laura O'Leone

A fake marriage could lead to a chance at real love.

Briony's Soldiers
Diana Bold

The only thing better than one sexy soldier, is two!

One Match
Kimberly Hunter

He was ready to meet death when love intervened.

A Passionate Force
Gillian Ferry

One night of wild sex, a lifetime of love.

Stone Magic
Jamieson Wolf

Where magic is involved, even emotion can shake the earth...

Gillian Ferry

Crime, corruption, murder, and mind blowing sex... it's all in a day's work.

Dreams of Wolf
Miranda Stowe
No one knows how to make a dream come alive like a lone wolf.

The Kiss Test
Lucianne Rivers

Sometimes being graded is a pleasure.

Soul Match
Kimberly Hunter

They're love was written in the stars.

For Now and Always
Stella Berkley

Can Keeta's love transcend the lies that would keep her from her mate?

Diamond in the Rough
CJ Black

Three men share one night, now Chris wants more.

Curse of the Demon Queen
Lauren Murphy
Giving in never felt so good or so wicked.

Her Champion
Matilda Madison

She has enough courage to run away, but does she have enough to follow her heart?

Angelita Gill

Fate leads him to what he wants, even if it's the last thing he needs.

Choosing Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Will Owen be able to choose the love in front of him? Or will he walk away?

Battered Hearts
Joyce Palmer

Two hearts tattered by the past begin to heal through new beginnings.

Wicked Obsession
Cora Zane
After centuries without a lover, Julian couldn't resist Eleni's body...or her blood.

Gillian Ferry

Trapped during a snow storm, she is desired by one man and stalked by another.

Captive Space
Belladonna Bordeaux

Two men will master her body, mind and soul.

According to Mark
Jackie Barbosa

She's the last woman he can have...and the only one he wants.

One Night With You
Vanessa Devereaux

Two broken hearts come together with the promise of a new beginning.

Silver Moon
R.W. Shannon

Will Sabra choose her mate with her heart or her head?

Midnight Deal
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

The youngest Princeton returns to Everland but never expected to fall for a farmer’s daughter.

Cry Wolf
CJ Elliott

The heart of a man, the soul of a wolf... her visions bring them together.

Caribbean Heat
Sandra Sookoo

Tropical heat is no match for what brews between them.

What the Lady Wants
Vanessa Devereaux
A chance meeting gives Fiona a night of unforgettable passion

Caught in Heat
Miranda Stowe

When her first mating heat hits, only one man can appease the ache.

My Dark Warrior
Claudia Knight

What happens when evil is done for the best possible reason?

Miami Spice
Deborah Merrell

Sparks fly when Rachel falls prey to sexy to her sexy neighbor.

Right as Raine
Stephanie Ganon

She retreated from forbidden passion, but her lovers couldn’t let her go...

The Earl's Reluctant Captive
Matilda Madison

Will an undeniable passion between them get the better of them both?

Wanted by Wyatt
Kerri Nelson

Sometimes getting what you truly want means risking everything you already have.

Razel Dazzle
Elizabeth Morgan

Will she let down her hair for the man of her fantasies?

Freeing the Love Slave
Tianna Xander

Is having the man of her dreams worth losing her free will?

Double Her Pleasure
Vanessa Devereaux

It's said he pleasures women like no other man...Ava's about to discover just how true that is.

Her Wild Magic
Karen Benjamin

To save him, she's willing to face the darkness and risk it all.

Fate, Chance and Luck
Sarah Barimen

Chance throws Jocelyn into the enemy's loving arms.

The Knight
Anna Leigh Keaton

The Pleasure Club gives Gwen her Camelot and happily ever after—for the evening.

Fire and Ice
Eve Langlais

He’s the fire that will melt her icy heart and teach her to love again.

Fan Mail
Aubrey Leatherwood

The bad boy who broke her heart, will have to save her.

Dark Wolf Protector
Rhiannon Ellis

He promised himself that he would take and protect her.

Primal Passion
Evie Balos

She will not fall for his game of seduction…no matter how tempting it is.

Ghost Bride
Angela Addams

He’s not willing to give her up, even at the cost of his soul.

Caught in the Act
Vanessa Devereaux
She only has one way out be bedded and pleasured all night long.

Dark Wolf Protector
Rhiannon Ellis

He promised himself that he would take and protect her.

Party Favors
Ursula Whistler

Summer brings more than just heat for Dani when Guy comes to play.

The Highest Bidder
Kimberly Hunter

Being bought and paid for was the best day of his life.

The Untouchable
Angelita Gill

Even a painful curse can't keep him from claiming what he wants.

Shaken Vows
Joyce Palmer

 Passions burn as they both get a taste of what they've been missing.

Carlene Rae Dater

He's more than willing to give a girl a hand.

The Magician
Josée Renard

One night of great sex with a stranger turns into a lifetime of magic.

Who's the Boss
Vanessa Devereaux

Sometimes it pays to be naughty at work.

The Gangster's Wife
Gillian Ferry

Can D.I. Markson rescue Angel from her violent situation by posing as a male escort?
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