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Rajan's Hope
Madison Layle

To be free he must fulfill her every desire.
Diary of Dreams
Madison Layle
 A reclusive writer’s neighbor has a knack for knowing her darkest fantasies.
Enduring Promise
Tempest Knight
A love that last an eternity, a promise that endures beyond death.
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Dead
Mia Romano
Who knew a world of misfit shifters could be so much fun?
Return to Me
Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
A parapsychologist and a ghost’s undying love. 
Gunslingers & Ghostriders
A.L. Debran
Ghostriders, guns, and gold—Will her love save his soul?
Season of Blood
L. Shannon
He hungers for blood, sex and forgiveness. In which order matters little.
Singled Out- Cover Art
Singled Out
Jennifer McKenzie
When love goes wrong, divine intervention may bring it right again.
Stacking the Deck
Sara Dennis
Playing with cards was never this much fun.
Sable Grey
In the city of darkness... the thing that goes bump in the night might be your lover.

Shifting Sideways: The Rift
Jennah Sharpe

Fighting dragons was nothing new. Falling in love was entirely unexpected.

The Watcher
jj Keller

An angelic watcher and his human soul mate fight an evil force.
The Veil
H.A. Fowler
An irresistible paranormal odd couple fight to save the world.

Walking at Sundown
L. Shannon

Will his submission be the ultimate pleasure or his downfall?
Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising
H.A. Fowler

What could possibly go wrong casting a spell to find your soul mate?

Walking with Synn
L. Shannon

Sex is his salvation... will she be his savoir?

Phantom Lover
Anna Leigh Keaton

Only the agony of love and loss will bring him the peace he's sought for centuries.

Walking in Memories
L. Shannon

Desire drew her into their world, and she will find endless pleasure at their tender mercy.

Tascryn: Surviving Synn
L. Shannon

To get home, Tarvyn needs sex to regain his strength and he’s found the perfect volunteer…

Double Trouble
Jennifer McKenzie

A widow, a construction worker and twin boys. Can Divine Intervention bring them all together?

Anom'tan 4:
Walking Death's Edge
L. Shannon

The edge of death has never been this tempting, or dangerous.
By Midnight- Cover Art
By Midnight
Jennah Sharpe

Dream interpretation has never been so erotic…or so dangerous. 

By Remote Chance
Taylor Voltaire

She'll give up control and learn passion in the arms of two men.

My Immortal
L. Shannon

Destiny brought them together and not even death could keep them apart…

Cat Scratch Fever
Alecia Monaco

Trick or treat...can you stand a bite from a sexy vampire?

The Fallen 2: Dominance
Morgan Sierra
She'll show the dark angel she isn't the only one who can be seduced.

jj Keller

Magic is believing in the impossible and finding love along the way.

Walking at Sundown
L. Shannon

Will his submission be the ultimate pleasure or his downfall?

Freeing the Love Slave
Tianna Xander

Is having the man of her dreams worth losing her free will?

A Candle in the Window
Cassidy McKay

Shelby invites the promise of true love into her home this Christmas.

The Written Word 1:
Jamieson Wolf

Owen doesn’t believe in magic. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in him…

Upon a Falling Star
Dee Carney

One wish for true love. Two men appear. Who will she choose?

Secret Wishes
Catherine Stang

This Christmas she'll find out exactly how far she will go in the name of love.

A Midnight Clear
Mary O'Connor

A charming rogue needs a widow’s love to save his soul.
Silent Communication
Jamieson Wolf

 Passion and lust between two mortals... is nothing less than magic.

Valentine's Labyrinth
Jamieson Wolf

Valentine will have to make the ultimate sacrifice… for love.

Mysterious Gift
Carlene Rae Dater

With a touch he knows how to please her, better than any other man.

Time and Again
Anna Leigh Keaton

He’s found his soul mate. She refuses to let herself believe.

Unwrap My Heart
Jackie Barbosa

All she wants for Christmas is a second chance at love.

Thrown to the Wolves
CJ Elliott

He must overcome his past to save his beloved.

The Temptress
Angela Addams

Will Kyle give in to his desire or fight the one woman who can truly satisfy his needs?

Fallen 3: Siren's Song
Morgan Sierra

Caleb and Bailey must face the one thing they've been fighting every step of the way -- their love for each other.

Rane's Guardian
Carmen Marie Aimer

She needs his help. He wants revenge. Sparks will fly.

Cry For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

His first kiss will make her cry surrender.

Mind Games
Olivia Starke

Can he win her jaded heart while solving the mystery that surrounds her?
Blood Desires
Olivia Starke

Will sexy identical vampire twins be the key to Kate's sister's disappearance?

Into the Light
Didi Aquino

A leap of faith will bring love and happiness to two scarred magical souls

Temptation Eve
Michelle Lauren

Temptation never looked this good.

Jamieson Wolf

The final battle is about to begin...and Owen has all of the answers.

A Sorcerer's Pleasure
Olivia Starke

Evelyn is rescued by a man who ups the kink factor in her life.

Subtle Magic
Jamieson Wolf

Love is the greatest magic of all...

Dark Xanadu
Sindra Van Yssel
Kent would do anything to protect Angela -- even if it means losing her.

Faery's Bargain
Madeleine Drake

A witch gets more than she bargains for when she lends her magic to a Fae warrior

The One For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

For every harbinger of death there is a perfect woman.

Hour of the Wolf
CJ Elliott

Her mysterious hero turns out to be a wolf in man's clothing.
All Hollow's Eve
Melissa L. Robert

When the Headless Horseman rides again, can he find the one woman to free him?

Unleashing Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

To save his mate, Ciaran will have to unleash the demon inside him.

The Unnecessary Bodyguard
Evie Balos
Nina's got a problem. Her dhampir bodyguard is very unnecessary. He's all trouble and totally irresistible.

Chilled to the Bone
Sindra van Yssel

Doreen came to Charles for death or atonement -- she didn't expect to find a Master.

Invoking Darkness
Jamieson Wolf

When darkness threatens all they know, only their love may keep them safe...

Dark Sun
jj Keller

He's almost an angel and she's pure temptation.

Caress of the North Wind
V. Joy Chloe

Raiden promises to awake much more within Liv than pleasure.

Midnight Mine
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

She wants independence. He wants her heart. Both are threatened by a poisonous blend of family interference.

The Untouchable
Angelita Gill

Even a painful curse can't keep him from claiming what he wants.

Ghost Bride
Angela Addams

He’s not willing to give her up, even at the cost of his soul.

Dark Wolf Protector
Rhiannon Ellis

He promised himself that he would take and protect her.

Cry Wolf
CJ Elliott

The heart of a man, the soul of a wolf... her visions bring them together.

Her Wild Magic
Karen Benjamin

To save him, she's willing to face the darkness and risk it all.

Angie West

Is he her soul mate? Or just after her soul?

Primal Passion
Evie Balos

She will not fall for his game of seduction…no matter how tempting it is.
Lone Wolf
Elinor Carson

Can they forge a life together even as their kind is being hunted to extinction?

Iris Dawn
Alexa Cole

Will her gifts end any chance of love with the man of her dreams?

Silver Moon
R.W. Shannon

Will Sabra choose her mate with her heart or her head?

Dragon's Lair
Seraphina Donavan

Pure innocence and pure carnality collide in the Big Easy.

Demon Alley
Alison Adkins

When Venice's survival instincts turn deadly, only Emrik can save her.

Tempest Moon
Sable Grey

Can they resist the passion that storms their hearts or will they give into the will of his wolf?

Bringer of Storms
Karen Benjamin

To save him she will answer the call of a thousand year prophesy

The Fathoms Below
Deanna Lee

He'll do whatever it takes to give his wife the life that is meant for her.

Cloaked in Moonlight
Sable Grey

She accepts his passion but will she deny his baser nature?
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Jamieson Wolf

With a little holiday magic, even a ghost can find love...

Dragon Heat
Ella J. Phoenix

Passion ignites between two immortal enemies with centuries of mistrust standing between them.

My House Boy Elf
Kimberly Hunter

Donovan and Trace are about to receive the best Christmas gift of all ~ True love.

Wicked Angel
Evie Balos

He's going to ruin her for the rest of mankind.
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