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My Lips Are Sealed
Mia Romano
 Jade’s husband is moonlighting as a gigolo and revenge is on her mind.
Lyric James
They needed to find a killer and found love along the way.
Up in Flames
Ember Sinclair
Undercover Detective Kat Ashbrook falls for Connor Mercerher prime suspect.
Lycan Instinct
Brandi Broughton
Instinct is her only guide amid secrets, seduction...and murder

Herrera's Temptation
Samara King

Her risk, his temptation, and their mutual desire... will they survive it?
Diamond - Cover Art
Mia Romano

Will her need for justice get in the way of their love?
Where there's Smoke... Cover Art
To Serve and Protect:
Where There's Smoke...
Anna Leigh Keaton
A man with a shady past, and a woman afraid to trust.

Hearts in Hiding
Leanne Karella

When their safe little worlds collide, the attraction is instant...and dangerous.
Hawkes Abandon
Hawkes Abandon
Moira Reid

Ally is trapped in Hawkes world of paranormal power and global intrigue.
Healing Heather - Cover Art
Incognito: Healing Heather
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

A dominate detective wants to help heal an abused, submissive widow’s heart. 

Not My Brother's Keeper
Brandi Broughton

Love is thicker than blood when sibling rivalry leads to betrayal.

Pay Dirt
Moira Reid

Elle’s $10 million lottery winnings can’t save her life—-can Nick?

Focused on Love
Terri Pray

She'll surrender to love and passion while her world burns around her.

jj Keller

Magic is believing in the impossible and finding love along the way.

The Watcher
jj Keller

An angelic watcher and his human soul mate fight an evil force.

Georgia Tribell

It was his job to risk his life...he never expected to risk his heart.
Reclaiming Love
V.L. McElfresh

He'll risk it all for a new chance at life & love.

Secrets Revealed
Laura O'Leone

Anna's in too deep. Can Daniel save her life without losing his?

Fan Mail
Aubrey Leatherwood

The bad boy who broke her heart, will have to save her.

Melody's Song
jj Keller

A love song will lead two opposing forces to bond in harmony.

A Murderous Weekend
Gillian Ferry

When fun turns to murder who can you trust?

Fate, Chance and Luck
Sarah Barimen

Chance throws Jocelyn into the enemy's loving arms.

To Serve and Protect: 7 Dangerous Intentions
Anna Leigh Keaton

For him, she'll risk everything and break all the rules.

Secrets Kept
Laura O'Leone

A fake marriage could lead to a chance at real love.

The Highest Bidder
Kimberly Hunter

Being bought and paid for was the best day of his life.
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