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A note about the Wicked Line
The Wicked short story line is erotica. For us, erotica is about the fulfillment of a sexual fantasy.
These stories are sexy, very graphic, and are by no means a "traditional romance".

You Can Leave Your
Mask On
P. Andrews

Being a superhero is a frustrating job... is she going to come out on top tonight?

Terri Pray

Men have always controlled Jen, now it was time to turn the tables.

Last Wishes
Inga Mahn

Madeline throws caution to the wind and gives herself a night of pleasure.

The Pleasure Club: The Cop
Anna Leigh Keaton

Welcome to The Pleasure Club, where sexual fantasy becomes reality.

The Pleasure Club:
The Priest
Jackie Barbosa

She's fought her forbidden desires for years, but now her fantasy can become a reality.

Career Opportunities
Morgan Sierra

A stopped elevator and a sexy man. What more could Cara want?

Madison Layle

Entranced...where fear fades and sensual mastery begins.

Educating Rose
Lissa Matthews

His hard, sensual passion is all she craves and she's everything he needs.

Pay Per View
Thom Jaymes

Two men. One erotic secret. One weekend to explore.

The Pleasure Club:
The Principal
Lyric James

A crush turns into a wicked fantasy come true.

One Wild Night
Summer Alan

Can six feet of leather-clad vampire help...or make things worse?

Comrades in Arms
Jackie Barbosa

Two men, one woman, and a passion that breaks all the rules

Finding Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Owen is searching for Beauty. What will happen when he finds it?

Piers Anthony

He'll do anything to please the Queen of Hearts

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor
P. Andrews

Two heroes. One villain. All night long.

Incognito:  Stroke of Midnight
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

Crowded nightclub. New Year's Eve. He pleasure her 'til the Stroke of Midnight.

The Fallen
Morgan Sierra

How far will he go to satisfy his erotic curiosity and wicked desires?

Sacrifice of Love
Anna Leigh Keaton

He'll sacrifice everything to stay by his lover's side for eternity.

Four Percent
Morgan Sierra

Two men. One woman. An anniversary of life. The celebration begins.

The Fallen 2: Dominance
Morgan Sierra
She'll show the dark angel she isn't the only one who can be seduced.

Gabriel's Mistress
Diana Bold
Can she convince him to keep her forever?

Sin of the Past
L.A. Day

He'd walked away from her once but this time, he was staking his claim.

What I Want
Rebecca Goings
He knows what he wants - and he's gonna get it.

Silent Communication
Jamieson Wolf

 Passion and lust between two mortals... is nothing less than magic.

Cosmic Intervention
Melanie Atkins
Who knew taking an elevator would lead to great sex?

Melody's Men
Sapphire Blue
Melody is about to learn a heady lesson about love, lust, and everything in between.

Dirty Little Secret
Morgan Sierra

His secret. Her thrill. Some secrets could never be too sexy.

Terri Pray
She was Winter's caress, waiting to be melted by Summer's burning desire.

Fallen 3: Siren's Song
Morgan Sierra

Caleb and Bailey must face the one thing they've been fighting every step of the way -- their love for each other.

The Marine
Anna Leigh Keaton

He'll take her back to the one night she's never forgotten.

Arctic Heat 1: Ice Black
Kris Eton
He'll bring out the animal in her... with the help of a few friends.

Arctic Heat 2: Ice Red
Kris Eton

Dominating shifters reveal Kerry's shocking secret.

Hot and Bothered
Cassandra Gold 

Sometimes trying to stay cool can get very hot.

Melanie Atkins

A beautiful thief and a sexy investigator stir up a whirlwind of lust.

Arctic Heat 3: Ice White
Kris Eton

Anna's forbidden desire may destroy her.

The Pleasure Club:
The Intruder
Anna Leigh Keaton

Her last hope is the Pleasure Master who is to help her reclaim her life.

The Temp
Minx Malone

Suddenly she’s not just filing… work has never been so good.

The Written Word 4:
The Silence of Sound
Jamieson Wolf 

There are all kinds of healing. Some involve magic and others something darker…

The Pleasure Club:
The Nymph
Kate Austin 

She'll give him a night he'll never forget.

The Pleasure Club: The Nun
Kate Austin
When obsession meets desire, their worlds explode.

Stories in Ink: The Prowl
Morgan Sierra

Online romance becomes one night of in-person erotic pleasure.

Love Bites
R.W. Shannon

Can their love really stand the test of time?

The Demon
Kate Austin

Morteza wants to know everything about humans and Ellie and Eli want to show him.

Constant Craving
Christina Kelly
One taste of him leads to an addiction she can't fight.

Howl For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

Her single night of passion with three men will rock her world.

Cry For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

His first kiss will make her cry surrender.

The Dungeon Masters
Madison Layle

Two Masters turn her sensual fantasies into a very real erotic night.

Banana Beach
Summer Alan

The one time she'd ever let herself imagine her wildest fantasy could be her last.

The Chef
Josée Renard

Silk, handcuffs and cinnamon – the recipe for a most erotic night.

Chasing Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Owen had stopped chasing beauty, only for beauty to chase him...

Scream For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

Every slave needs a master and she's about to have the adventure of her afterlife.

Morgan Sierra

Will they be able to let him go after the tryst of their fantasies?

The Pirate Masters
Madison Layle

Pirates turn a taboo tryst with the boss into an erotic night Dana won't forget.

A Pleasurable Cure for Death
Tara Nichols

What’s a girl to do when she is given a choice between death and death with benefits?

The Panty Affair
Samara King

Every good indecent proposal starts with lace.

The Knight
Anna Leigh Keaton

The Pleasure Club gives Gwen her Camelot and happily ever after—for the evening.

The Dressing Room
Josée Renard

Buying a new suit should always be so hot.

The Angel
Eve Knight

She yearns for pleasure. He'll free her soul.

With a Cherry on Top
Dee Carney

An evening alone in a large kitchen leads to decadent tasting of food... and each other.

Purr For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

Taking a mate has never been this dangerous or so pleasurable

The Park Rangers
Eve Knight

Trouble finds Julie. Her rescuers? Two rangers who might look the other way...if she cooperates.
The Magician
Josée Renard

One night of great sex with a stranger turns into a lifetime of magic.

The Man Next Door
Vanessa Devereaux

Good things happen in threes and bad girls have the most fun.

The Outlaws
Anna Leigh Keaton

Three cowboys, and a night she’ll never forget.

Who's the Boss
Vanessa Devereaux

Sometimes it pays to be naughty at work.

Marie Rochelle

Giving into temptation and taking a mate has never been easier.

Caught in the Act
Vanessa Devereaux
She only has one way out be bedded and pleasured all night long.

What the Lady Wants
Vanessa Devereaux
A chance meeting gives Fiona a night of unforgettable passion.

Double Her Pleasure
Vanessa Devereaux

It's said he pleasures women like no other man...Ava's about to discover just how true that is.

The Wolfman
Madison Layle

A sexy, naked wolfman brings Penny's wilder fantasies to life.

Get Branded
Kaye Spencer

Sometimes the best prize comes in a hard-bodied romance cover model package.

Dinner for Two
Deanna Lee

A chance meeting leads to a night of passion between two neighbors.

Ashley Blade &
Belladonna Bordeaux

He'll do whatever it takes to make her submit.

The Stranger
Ardith Bale

His Pleasure Master was prepared to give him exactly what he needed.
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