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Enduring Promise
Tempest Knight
A love that last an eternity, a promise that endures beyond death.
The Veil
H.A. Fowler
An irresistible paranormal odd couple fight to save the world.

Dante's Salvation
Anna Leigh Keaton

Salvation lies in her heart—if she can accept what he is.
Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising
H.A. Fowler

What could possibly go wrong casting a spell to find your soul mate?

Tempting Sin
AJ Hampton

Is one woman's love worth an eternity of darkness?

Walking at Sundown
L. Shannon

Will his submission be the ultimate pleasure or his downfall?

H.A. Fowler

He'll face his worse nightmare and risk hell itself for her love.

Seduction's Bite
Madison Layle

She will either kill him or succumb to the seduction of his bite.

Marie Rochelle

Giving into temptation and taking a mate has never been easier.

The Vampire Oracle:
The Moon
Michelle Hasker

A woman hunted. A vampire warrior. Only death can save her now.

The Vampire Oracle: Birth
Diana Bold
Would you be willing to die for love?

The Vampire Oracle: Life
A.L. Debran

Cynical-toward-love vampire meets womanizing cowboy. A better match couldn’t be found.

The Vampire Oracle: Innocence
Lia Morgan

Can Elizabeth teach Joss that facing life takes more courage than death?

The Vampire Oracle: Hunger
Sophie Athens

Will she give into the hunger he stirs in her?

The Vampire Oracle:
Lyric James

Destined to be together, not even a killer can keep them a part.

The Vampire Oracle:
Leila Brown

Sienna is his last chance for redemption, but will he take it?

The Vampire Oracle:
Antonia Pearce

A vampire and ex-soldier find passion and terror in war-torn Iraq.

The Vampire Oracle:
Ava Rose Johnson

A vampire's promise lasts forever.

The Vampire Oracle:
MG Braden

Struggling for harmony a couple struggles to overcome secrets and conspiracy.

The Vampire Oracle:
New Life
Cassandra Moore

A vampire must save the human she loves from her progeny.

The Vampire Oracle
L. Shannon

Love is the greatest risk and holds the promise of true peace.

The Vampire Oracle:
Sable Grey

A mysterious oracle card gives Layce Courson a second chance at life.

The Vampire Oracle:
Moira Reid

Johnathan’s hunger drives him to fulfill Lenora’s unspoken desire.

The Vampire Oracle:
Circle of Life
Deanna Lee

Two men, one woman, and the choices that bring their lives and love full circle.

Sacrifice of Love
Anna Leigh Keaton

He'll sacrifice everything to stay by his lover's side for eternity.

One Wild Night
Summer Alan

Can six feet of leather-clad vampire help...or make things worse?

Blood Daemon
Angela Cameron 

Unmated vampire, Raven, has a choice: take a mate or die.

Love Bites
R.W. Shannon

Can their love really stand the test of time?

The Temptress
Angela Addams

Will Kyle give in to his desire or fight the one woman who can truly satisfy his needs?

Blood Heat
Olivia Starke

Will she find the killer, or is he already steaming up her fantasies?

Cry For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

His first kiss will make her cry surrender.

Angela Addams

She must decide if her forgotten memories are worth losing everything, including her heart.

A Pleasurable Cure for Death
Tara Nichols

What’s a girl to do when she is given a choice between death and death with benefits?

Primal Passion
Evie Balos

She will not fall for his game of seduction…no matter how tempting it is.

Blood Desires
Olivia Starke

Will sexy identical vampire twins be the key to Kate's sister's disappearance?

Blood Mercy
Olivia Starke

Will passion set Valerie free or will she turn against her sexy new lover?

The Untouchable
Angelita Gill

Even a painful curse can't keep him from claiming what he wants.

Freeing the Love Slave
Tianna Xander

Is having the man of her dreams worth losing her free will?

A Passionate Force
Gillian Ferry

One night of wild sex, a lifetime of love.
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