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Urban Fantasy
Sable Grey
In the city of darkness... the thing that goes bump in the night might be your lover.
The Ripple Effect: Dane
Jodie Becker
For her love and life, he'll do battle with the god of chaos himself.

Shifting Sideways: The Rift
Jennah Sharpe

Fighting dragons was nothing new. Falling in love was entirely unexpected.

Walking with Synn
L. Shannon

Sex is his salvation... will she be his savoir?

Walking in Memories
L. Shannon

Desire drew her into their world, and she will find endless pleasure at their tender mercy.
Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising
H.A. Fowler

What could possibly go wrong casting a spell to find your soul mate?
The Veil
H.A. Fowler
An irresistible paranormal odd couple fight to save the world.

The Watcher
jj Keller

An angelic watcher and his human soul mate fight an evil force.

jj Keller

Magic is believing in the impossible and finding love along the way.

Blood Vengeance
Bronwyn Lee

Will her need for revenge turn her into the monster he loathes?

Faery's Bargain
Madeleine Drake

A witch gets more than she bargains for when she lends her magic to a Fae warrior

Georgia Tribell

It was his job to risk his life...he never expected to risk his heart.

Walking at Sundown
L. Shannon

Will his submission be the ultimate pleasure or his downfall?

Shifting Sideways:
Darkly Loyal
Jennah Sharpe

When two worlds collide, a man must face his past…and protect the woman he loves.

Dante's Salvation
Anna Leigh Keaton

Salvation lies in her heart—if she can accept what he is.

My Immortal
L. Shannon

Destiny brought them together and not even death could keep them apart…

You Can Leave Your
Mask On
P. Andrews

Being a superhero is a frustrating job... is she going to come out on top tonight?

Seduction's Bite
Madison Layle

She will either kill him or succumb to the seduction of his bite.

Anom'tan 4:
Walking Death's Edge
L. Shannon

The edge of death has never been this tempting, or dangerous.

The Fallen
Morgan Sierra

How far will he go to satisfy his erotic curiosity and wicked desires?

H.A. Fowler

He'll face his worse nightmare and risk hell itself for her love.

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor
P. Andrews

Two heroes. One villain. All night long.

The Vampire Oracle:
The Moon
Michelle Hasker

A woman hunted. A vampire warrior. Only death can save her now.

The Vampire Oracle: Hunger
Sophie Athens

Will she give into the hunger he stirs in her?

The Vampire Oracle: Life
A.L. Debran

Cynical-toward-love vampire meets womanizing cowboy. A better match couldn’t be found.

The Vampire Oracle: Birth
Diana Bold

Would you be willing to die for love?

The Vampire Oracle:
Sapphire Blue

Will their love survive the ultimate sacrifice?

The Vampire Oracle: Innocence
Lia Morgan

Can Elizabeth teach Joss that facing life takes more courage than death?

The Vampire Oracle:
Ava Rose Johnson

A vampire's promise lasts forever.

The Vampire Oracle:
Antonia Pearce

A vampire and ex-soldier find passion and terror in war-torn Iraq.

The Vampire Oracle
L. Shannon

Love is the greatest risk and holds the promise of true peace.

The Vampire Oracle: Sunlight
Moira Reid

Johnathan’s hunger drives him to fulfill Lenora’s unspoken desire.
The Vampire Oracle:
Leila Brown

Sienna is his last chance for redemption, but will he take it?

The Vampire Oracle: Ashes
Contessica Ryans

Lara was willing to take her secret to the grave until she found love.

The Vampire Oracle:
MG Braden

Struggling for harmony a couple struggles to overcome secrets and conspiracy.

The Vampire Oracle:
New Life
Cassandra Moore

A vampire must save the human she loves from her progeny.

The Vampire Oracle:
Lyric James

Destined to be together, not even a killer can keep them a part.

The Vampire Oracle: Tomb
Rebecca Goings

She gave him her heart her blood, and he gave her eternity.

The Vampire Oracle:
Circle of Life
Deanna Lee

Two men, one woman, and the choices that bring their lives and love full circle.

The Vampire Oracle:
Sable Grey

A mysterious oracle card gives Layce Courson a second chance at life.

Dark Xanadu
Sindra Van Yssel
Kent would do anything to protect Angela -- even if it means losing her.

Stone Magic
Jamieson Wolf

Where magic is involved, even emotion can shake the earth...

A Passionate Force
Gillian Ferry

One night of wild sex, a lifetime of love.
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