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Something Wild
Sable Grey

Something wild is stalking through London and only one man can stop the killings.

Origins: A Spirit United
L. Shannon

Temptation rules the dark of night and their desire may burn them alive...
Father of the Wolf
L. Shannon
Athair searches for a mates for his sons and instead finds Hope.
Eagle Clan Series 2: Destiny
L. Shannon
Fate brought them together. Love and trust is all they need.
Lycan Instinct
Brandi Broughton
Instinct is her only guide amid secrets, seduction...and murder
Sable Grey
In the city of darkness... the thing that goes bump in the night might be your lover.

Tempting Sin
AJ Hampton

Is one woman's love worth an eternity of darkness?
Storm Surge
Jennah Sharpe
She knew he existed but the proof exceeded all her expectations!

Forever Eden
L. Shannon

She crashed into his temple like an angel with broken wings…
Vali's Curse
L. Shannon
Only the gods knew if her blessing was stronger than his curse.

Heart of Darkness 1:
Taint of Shadow
Cassandra Moore

Can an alpha werewolf save his lover from the taint of shadow?

Father of the Wolf(PRINT)
L. Shannon

Athair searches for mates for his sons but he finds Hope instead

In A Wolf's Eyes
Cassandra Gold

Can a werewolf show a former model his scars don’t matter?

Harnessing the Moon
AJ Hampton

Harnessed by the passion Hunter offers, will Jade accept him as her mate?

Arctic Heat 1: Ice Black
Kris Eton
He'll bring out the animal in her... with the help of a few friends.

Pink Cashmere
R.W. Shannon

His touch will make her human; will his love bind her to his side?

Scarlett's Wolf
C.L. Casey 

Can their love survive the curse of a werewolf or will it destroy them both?

Outcasts: Saving Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

Rescuing a demon might just lead a werewolf to happiness at last...

Arctic Heat 2: Ice Red
Kris Eton

Dominating shifters reveal Kerry's shocking secret.

Arctic Heat 3: Ice White
Kris Eton

Anna's forbidden desire may destroy her.

The Other: Book One
Tempting Darkness
Jamieson Wolf

With one night to survive, Kaden will do whatever it takes…

Hour of the Wolf
CJ Elliott

Her mysterious hero turns out to be a wolf in man's clothing.

Blood on the Moon
Kelly O'Donnell

He must embrace his wolf to gain the woman he loves and save the human world.

Outcasts: Claiming Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

To claim his demon lover, Drew will do whatever it takes.

Wolf Bait
Sienna Mynx

He'll kill for freedom, she'll kill to keep him.

Purr For Me
Belladonna Bordeaux

Taking a mate has never been this dangerous or so pleasurable.

Midnight Moon
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

He’s determined to discover her secrets…no matter what it takes.

Unleashing Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

To save his mate, Ciaran will have to unleash the demon inside him.

Thrown to the Wolves
CJ Elliott

He must overcome his past to save his beloved.

Invoking Darkness
Jamieson Wolf

When darkness threatens all they know, only their love may keep them safe..

Silver Moon
R.W. Shannon

Will Sabra choose her mate with her heart or her head?

Dark Wolf Protector
Rhiannon Ellis

He promised himself that he would take and protect her.
Caress of the North Wind
V. Joy Chloe

Raiden promises to awake much more within Liv than pleasure.

Lone Wolf
Elinor Carson

Can they forge a life together even as their kind is being hunted to extinction?

For Now and Always
Stella Berkley

Can Keeta's love transcend the lies that would keep her from her mate?

Her Wild Magic
Karen Benjamin

To save him, she's willing to face the darkness and risk it all.

Dragon Heat
Ella J. Phoenix

Passion ignites between two immortal enemies with centuries of mistrust standing between them.

The Fathoms Below
Deanna Lee

He'll do whatever it takes to give his wife the life that is meant for her.

Cry Wolf
CJ Elliott

The heart of a man, the soul of a wolf... her visions bring them together.

Cloaked in Moonlight
Sable Grey

She accepts his passion but will she deny his baser nature?

Tempest Moon
Sable Grey

Can they resist the passion that storms their hearts or will they give into the will of his wolf?
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