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The Highwayman
Emily Veinglory
Once a heart is stolen it can never be given back.

Reclaiming Love
V.L. McElfresh

He'll risk it all for a new chance at life & love.

Tascryn: Surviving Synn
L. Shannon

To get home, Tarvyn needs sex to regain his strength and he’s found the perfect volunteer…

Jamieson Wolf

Valentine will have to free his heart and face death in order to become the man of legend…

Pay Per View
Thom Jaymes

Two men. One erotic secret. One weekend to explore.

The Vampire Oracle
L. Shannon

Love is the greatest risk and holds the promise of true peace.

The Vampire Oracle:
Circle of Life
Deanna Lee

Two men, one woman, and the choices that bring their lives and love full circle.

Valentine's Labyrinth
Jamieson Wolf

Valentine will have to make the ultimate sacrifice… for love.

In A Wolf's Eyes
Cassandra Gold

Can a werewolf show a former model his scars don’t matter?

Sacrifice of Love
Anna Leigh Keaton

He'll sacrifice everything to stay by his lover's side for eternity.

Finding Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Owen is searching for Beauty. What will happen when he finds it?

Silent Communication
Jamieson Wolf

 Passion and lust between two mortals... is nothing less than magic.

Double or Nothing
Cassandra Gold
In the game of love, sometimes you have to go all in.

The Other: Book One
Tempting Darkness
Jamieson Wolf

With one night to survive, Kaden will do whatever it takes…

Love is Blind
Thom Jaymes
What's a little love and fun in the sun between friends?

Outcasts: Saving Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

Rescuing a demon might just lead a werewolf to happiness at last...

Incognito 10:
Soren's Surrender
Anna Leigh Keaton

He thought love would forever elude him, until he met Master Soren.

Hot and Bothered
Cassandra Gold 

Sometimes trying to stay cool can get very hot.

The Highest Bidder
Kimberly Hunter

Being bought and paid for was the best day of his life.

Virtually by Chance
Amanda Grayson

Two lovers are brought together by chance and bound by intense attraction.

Woodland Magic: Mated
Anna Leigh Keaton

Two fae males made her whole…now she needs magic to be their mate.

Silver Moon
R.W. Shannon

Will Sabra choose her mate with her heart or her head?

Outcasts: Claiming Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

To claim his demon lover, Drew will do whatever it takes.

Chasing Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Owen had stopped chasing beauty, only for beauty to chase him...

Triple Thrill
Anna Leigh Keaton

His wife allowed him his darkest fantasy—he hadn’t guessed it would be hers too.

One True Thing
Amanda Grayson

Noah and Jared are on a mission - will it lead to a lasting love?

Jamieson Wolf

The final battle is about to begin...and Owen has all of the answers.

Unleashing Ciaran
Cassandra Gold

To save his mate, Ciaran will have to unleash the demon inside him.

Invoking Darkness
Jamieson Wolf

When darkness threatens all they know, only their love may keep them safe...

The Highest Bidder
Kimberly Hunter

Being bought and paid for was the best day of his life.

Ashley Blade &
Belladonna Bordeaux

He'll do whatever it takes to make her submit.

Stone Magic
Jamieson Wolf

Where magic is involved, even emotion can shake the earth...

Incognito: Wrapped
Anna Leigh Keaton

The best gifts come from the heart…and body.

Ghosts of Christmas Past
Jamieson Wolf

With a little holiday magic, even a ghost can find love...

The Stranger
Ardith Bale

His Pleasure Master was prepared to give him exactly what he needed.
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